Why The Daylight-Saving Time Practice Should End is Important

18 Apr

In some countries in the world, there is a practice of setting clocks an hour ahead of the normal time during the summer season. In the fall too, they repeat the same process. This is supposedly to conserve daylight and energy. Even in this era there are at least forty percent of the world's countries uses this system. This practice started in the 1800's and it has seen its continuity in the twenty first century in some countries in the world. This practice messes with the whole human routine and the bodies of people adopt new commands that can be harmful and not productive at all.

The End Daylight Saving petition at https://enddaylightsavingtime.org has been ongoing in these counties that practice, because it really does not make sense and it is a form of urban slavery. Employees have been sleep deprived since it tampers with there entire body system and they are prone to making mistakes at their work places. This mostly affects the first few days of the practice once it is implemented. It has been noted that during this time more work injuries have been reported and people have been less productive because of the distorting of the workings of a human body.

Cutting one hour of sleep is not the issue, but the consequences that come with this process is. There may be a rush hour to work and this has caused car accidents and in other cases heart attacks have risen during that time. Kids on the other hand are the most affected party. There days start an hour earlier than their usual time and it affects their concentration especially to those attending school. This has been noted that even their performance has gone down. In this case, the first few weeks of the practice teachers avoid giving tests to boost performance of the students. To read more about the benefits of daylight saving, visit https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/daylight-saving-time-2017_us_58bdb6a9e4b033be1467465c.

End Daylight Saving Time petition has been in many parliaments to facilitate removal of the practice. According to statistics most citizens in these countries say it is just a waste, some say there are going to school during dark hours others say it is real torture and they have lost faith in their governments. This practice is said to be ridiculous and should stop immediately. Running things and errands like a normal day brings more profits to the country and to its citizens which is a win win situation, click here!

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