Reasons for the Support of the Daylight Savings Petition

18 Apr

Daylight savings is whereby you advance or adjust your time so that you will have the evening times longer and the daytimes will start a little late during the summer. This practice was started in 1918, where some countries practice this and they re-adjust their clocks during the approach of the autumn. This is because of the time variations that are there during the long light hours and shorter night hours. There is a petition that is on a place to end the daylight savings and there are a lot of reasons to support this. The reasons for the End Daylight Saving Time are therefore discussed in the text below.

The first reason is that it brings confusion in the time differences that occur when different states use different times. There are different states that are allowed to change their time so as to take care of the daylight saving. This will then cause confusion, especially to the travelers because they will not be able to know the exact time due to the differences in time between the flight company and their watches. This will affect the procedures in place and the travelers may miss their flights due to this confusion that is brought by daylight saving.

The other factor that is discussed to end the daylight saving time is because of the fact that it affects the medical devices that are meant to monitor patients. There are medical devices that depend on time to keep control over the patient or maintain various parameters such as the pacemakers, the heart rate monitors and the glucose monitors. By changing the time on the clocks, the nurses and the doctors will have confusion from this and this may put the life of the patients at risk when the time exceeds past the required time that is set, read more!

The other reason for the end of daylight saving time is because of the effect it has on the sleep patterns of most individuals. Sleep is important for the body and the brain in particular. The sleep patterns of most people will be constant until when interrupted by daylight savings time when they have to adjust their clocks. They will, therefore, have insufficient sleep at some time and this can cause, stress, insomnia, drowsiness, fatigue, and loss of concentration. This will then affect the performance of most people at their workplaces. It is also particularly of adverse effects to the children and the mothers. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best daylight saving, visit

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